…in spite of the fact that it’s not released in the UK til 16th October (sob :cry: ), Pixar’s latest offering (and first in 3D!) comes out today in America, and will be in a slog fest against the one and only Christian Bale and skynet.

What are peoples’ thoughts on there being such a huge difference between the release dates? I can cope with 2-4 weeks delay, but 4 and a half months is really taking the proverbials… it’ll be all over the net and peer2peers way before UK release, won’t it :?: :!:

What a movie :smiley:

What a movie :D[/quote]

Seconded. Best film of the academic year so far!

Was it uplifting?

T’was awesome.

Quite sad in place though. :frowning:

…is now a reality! :smiley:

Simply [font=Trebuchet MS][size=]AWESOME!!![/size][/font]

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And the perfect accompaniment to it…