Now has 500 attending!


We are now starting to get worried that too many people will attend…

I’m sure other stuff will come up between now and then, and some of the same people will make alternative plans as part of the usual blowout final week of year. But as a guess I might say that between 500 to 600 people will attend.

The thought has started crossing our mind (though I’m not worried yet, more hopeful!) - particularly as no advertising has yet been done through the Warwick SU site (we’re getting front page coverage), the Bubble, Insite, the Car Parking display board, our own website, the weekly emails…

There’s now 641 people attending on Facebook :slight_smile:

666… :twisted:

691 now… so close to the next target!


750 are now attending, and so we’ve now breached the number we applied to Security for permission to have on the field [assuming they all turn up, etc etc].

Not to put a dampener on things, but has anyone checked the weather forecast?

[size=]Cos it’s looking good![/size]

A 16-day weather forecast is ambitious.

[quote=‘Klan’ pid=‘32536’ dateline=‘1308226207’]

[quote=‘OPR’ pid=‘32533’ dateline=‘1308224010’]
Not to put a dampener on things, but has anyone checked the weather forecast[/quote]


Cos it’s looking good!

A 16-day weather forecast is ambitious.[/quote]

Agreed, but I’d take it as good that it trends towards ending this rainy spell.

It’s still looking good :slight_smile:

The “Show details” section of that report says 1.2mm of rain between midday and midnight :frowning:

Also: 841 attending!


I’ll bring me coat!

What we really need it a giant umbrella… perhaps if we spliced several together…

We are only 6 short of 1,000!


Weather-watch update:

BBC says it’s going to be a little chilly for the end of June, but dry.

Weatheroutlook.com gives us very light rain almost all day long.

The Met Office gives us sunshine.

ITV weather gives us sun and white fluffy clouds.

The Guardian have us down as sunny and cloudy… but with a 48% chance of showers :-/

The Telegraph gives us a couple of showers.

Summary - there’s going to be the odd shower… or none, dependent upon where you look. One thing that’s not forecast is any heavy rain… so bring your brolly and wellies!

And whilst we’re on it, here’s a weather related news story from the last few days :slight_smile: