Watchmen 2

Apparently DC is thinking of a sequel to Watchmen. For a comic/film that covered everything from the beginnings of superheros to the end of the world as we know it I can’t see any sequel or prequel being anything other than a cash-in. :x

I could see how they might try and wheedle some prequels out of it with the Minutemen (Nite Owl I, Silk Spectre I, etc), unnecessary though that would be.
As for a follow-on sequel, I’m far from convinced how that would work. Especially if they followed on from the Ultimate Edition release which, I’ve heard, retains the graphic novel’s ending. It would certainly take some creativity!

As far as I understand the article, it’s not to the film but to the graphic novel they’re planning to make a sequel.

I think it’s kinda on all fronts, although yeah my response was a bit misleading. In any case, a sequel to the graphic novel or the Ultimate Edition of the film (which is identical to the graphic novel) will present many problems. A continuation to the diluted theatrical release might not be so tricky, but still unnecessary.

I got the impression from the article that the first aim was a series of new Watchmen graphic novels with new films coming from those.

I guess any new films would probably need to be sequels to the theatrical release if they want to maintain continuity for the non-fan audience (to be honest I actually thought the theatrical ending was better anyway).