This looks like its shaping up to be one of next year’s big films. The trailler is here and it looks really cool.

It does look stunning. Although, apparently, only the blue guy is a real super hero :?: The costumes are awesome though!

From the trailer it looks like it could be a faithful adaption from alan moores comic,it looks pretty awesome…

It looks like watchmen could well be in trouble of the legal variety, so may do a potter na dbe delayed til long gone its original release date :frowning:

Am reading the graphic novel now !! Could be a very disturbing film ! Unless its been dumbed down by hollywood !

Dumbed down?! Its got that bloke who couldnt do the Irish accent in PS I Love You (no, not that guy, the other one), so dont see how that could be true, william!

To be fair it has gone few fair few directors and rewrites,besides alan moores work has rarely faithfully been interpreted for the big screen remember from hell or the league of extraordinary gentlemen?

Didn’t watch P.S I love you ! I don’t rate the Swank !

Also in the case of the other films I haven’t read their original books, but thought V for vendetta was okay.

True and constantine wasnt as bad as the reviews made up although not as good as the hellblazer comics…

Empire’s review of it is online:

Hard to tell how well it will do as it sounds like its more aimed at people who’ve read the source material. It looks like it might be interesting/different though.

i am ludicrously excited about this film, and i haven’t even read the comic yet. i keep meaning to buy it, but for some reason i only ever enter bookshops when i haven’t got enough money to buy the damn thing. must be because of quantum. or something.

I’ve had my head buried in the graphic novel for the past few weeks.
It’s phenomenal. Sounds like a well-compromised adaptation too.
I’m actually wetting myself a little bit in anticipation. Just a little bit.

More so for it shall be released on IMAX !!

Wahey :slight_smile: I feel an Easter social coming on :slight_smile:

I went and watched Watchmen the other day and in spite of being quite keen on it and expecting good things, I have to say that i was rather disappointed :frowning:

It wasn’t particularly bad at all, and the effects were pretty good, but as someone who hasn’t read the comics (or graphic novel - don’t be picky!), I have to say that I expected more from it.

Anyone else seen it and have similar (or differing!) thoughts?

The same. Except I had read it ready for the film’s release.
I think it was hyped too much, made expectations too high…
A shame.
Thing is though, that - still being based on the GN - I can’t see how they could have improved it.