Week 2 vote

Same as for the week 1 vote. Vote for your favourite film of the week.

Was that you Pierre?

I haven’t watched any of the films this week, but obviously Pulp Fiction gets my vote.

Other than Pierre, who else voted for Never Back Down? :?

My guess would Mr Maddison !

I see why people are so outraged at Never Back Down gaining three votes! It is not a great film.

Someone left himself logged in…

This poll should be closed too now (I’ve been setting each of them to expire after 7 days). So this week’s winner is shockingly Pulp Fiction. :o


meh? we had massive turnout so much so we had an extra screening on saturday?
plus it has one of the few films that has audience participation where it is not intended ie gags in the samuel l jackson dialogue,it was truly awesome.