Week 6 vote

A mixed bag this week with one obvious contender judging by attendances.

Also, has anyone picked up on subtle themes running through the last couple weeks?
In week 5, we had Four Lions and V For Vendetta constituting ‘terrorism week’, and this week we’ve had The Killer Inside Me and American Psycho to form ‘psychopath week’.
Was it coincidental or intentional scheduling? :twisted:[hr][hr]
Really, George? Prince of Persia? I thought it was appalling; a massive disappointment! [hr]
Why does my separate reply attach itself to my previous post?
Is this to prevent double posting or something? If so, I very much disapprove since the two posts are completely detached by an event that occurred between them - they make no sense being bundled together![hr]
It doesn’t count separately - that’s dispicable! Change it back!!!

It’s the rapid fire posting that it groups - not replies in general.

It was silly but it was fun. The stewards I spoke to seemed to enjoy it too.

Good to know about le forums; I guess that’s kinda fair enough. What’s the cut-off? :wink:

I didn’t even really find it fun :frowning:
I guess that not enough people died for my liking… “hahaha”.

Don’t know i’m afraid - consecutive nights on the night owl thread are fine though :wink:

Any clue as to the minimum gap Ed?