Weeks 1-5 film vote

The weekly votes are all finished so its time to vote for your favourite film of term! Winning the weekly vote we have 3 foreign films and 5 “classic films” (films that weren’t new releases). Which films will survive the next round of voting?

The way the vote is going to work is there’ll be two semi final votes (one for the first 5 weeks and one for the second). The two best films from each of these votes will go into a final vote (starting this time next week) and the winner will be declared on Christmas Day. :slight_smile:

Tied votes will be decided by the film that got the highest percentage vote in the earlier rounds.

Hmmm… blatantly being done for the extra posts George :?

Well. There’s that and "give non Dark Knight films a chance…
Anyway. The best film of weeks 1-5 is blatantly 21!!!