What do you have to do as a projectionist?

Eva gives her views on being a projectionist at a commercial cinema.

I thought this was pretty good, but it only tells half the story :-p
For everyone who has ever wondered what goes on when projecting 35mm film.

Hey Tom,

the you tube video has been removed…

Due to some sort of violation !!

Some people have all the fun !!


Nice. Thanks Will :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay well after a quick trawl (just typed projectionist on YouTube) I found another documentary. In some ways it’s much better than the last I posted because it shows more equipment and goes into the process a bit more. However it is orientated towards projecting as a full-time job in a commercial cinema, which doesn’t use a changeover system like we do.

That was alright !

But I bet the projectionist in the video doesn’t make a whole lot of money!

Will he still be emplyed when data projection comes in ??