What will they think of next?

There’s a film coming out, about:


With massive 3D effects!
Are they gonna do it in stopframe animation???
[size=9]Oh, and controversial to make your link go to the Death Race prequel. That comes from too much posting eh? :wink: [/size]

Apologies, here’s the correct link:


This is actually quite awesome. I wonder whether they’ll do the Lego film similarly but I know we need a filmsoc version for an AllNighter :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. That was actually pretty cool. Must have taken ages though.

If only Atilla hadn’t left… there could’ve been an official WSC response :!:

I’m sure he could STILL do it…

yeah, but he has the small matter of a job to be doing :!:

A small matter like a degree/PhD/job should never get in the way of procrastinating at WSC. It’s the filmsoc way.

Cough Robbie the Reel splutter…

That video is pretty awesome, not sure i can waste a solid year doing something equivalent though :stuck_out_tongue:

If i had some blank film, i might be able to provide some more animation, i’ll be coming up for allnighter anyway…:slight_smile:

This makes the lego feature film sound sensible in comparison: