What's your favourite Dr Horrible song?

Hmmm… it was a close call between A Man’s Gotta Do What A Man’s Gotta Do, Brand New Day and Horrible’s Monologuing Song. They’re all pretty darn good!

[size=7]These aren’t the official titles, they’re from that link Nat suggested http://imaekgaemz.com/?page_id=52 Also it wouldn’t let me add all twelve songs to the poll :-([/size]

Thanks, Aiden. :smiley:

It was more a close call between My eyes and the monologuing song, though *Everyone’s a hero * was pretty funny. :lol:

Though I think My Eyes might be underrepresented. :frowning: I was looking for it but didn’t recognise it from “My eyes”. Maybe I cannot believe my eyes would have been better…

It was clearly one from part II for me… I can’t remember how the first song from that went (remember, it was the clever one where there were overlapping bits… clever genius!) but it was a tie between that one and Brand New Day.
I can’t wait for the DVD release!

I voted for Everyone’s A Hero although it was a tough call between that, Brand New Day and either of the Bad Horse songs.