Whole of Term 1

Yes, that’s right - i’m going out on a limb and opening up a competition for guesses for the overall attendance of all of the autumn term schedule!

Note - we’re going to go for the final term figure, so if there are bonus screenings and/or films cancelled, then that’s just a bit tough/is something to consider when you make your estimates!!!

I’ll start the bidding with:


I’m gonna go with a whopping
Going with 300 for the AllNighter. I take it we only count the AllNighter once.

Aye :slight_smile:

I’ll go for 5600.

  1. No apologising on here! :slight_smile:

cough git! cough

Ps: you do realise that that’s as bad a guess for you as it is for me?!

I like this idea! I’ve now predicted all my attendances across individual shows for the whole term because of this, and the grand total is…


Could this be my term?!

(also, I presume that guessing closes after 6pm tonight??)

Surely it’s not now possible to predict the attendance already? Barely any of us have voted. On anything… :frowning:

Before we forget about this thread, here’s a summary of the guesses:

James 5600
Robert 5890
Ed 5891
Owen 6735
Pierre 7134

According to “audiencefigs”, we’ve already reached 3002 (excluding 1 for Love Actually).

that reminds me… thanks ed :frowning:

You know ya :heart: me! :roll:

Pierre needs at least 109.5 people to the late Expendables to claim victory…

I propose that we cancel all remaining screenings this term so that I win! :lol:

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! He’s won it. Petey-boy has darn well pipped it.

Congratulations, Pierre!
Winner of the first ‘Guess the whole term attendance’.

Come Wednesday evening, we’ll see just how close you were…