Why bother?

They are making Kung Fu Panda into a TV series !!! I like Kung Fu Panda but it is not fantastic and no doubt will not survive the TV treatment!

more odd - a sequel?!

besides, the series could rival thoseo ther fab film-to-tv tranformations: aladdin, hercules, tarzan. ahhh, i miss saturday morning tv…

A TV series too! It was fairly good but it doesn’t deserve the sequel/ tv series based on its quality. It did quite well at the box office though so I guess they’re just planning on getting as much money out of the franchise as possible.

Hit the nail on the head :mrgreen:

Much as I liked the film, I agree this could spoil it a bit. Especially with the likelihood of lacking the original cast; it just wouldn’t be the same without Jack Black.
Then again, as Kathryn said, some film>TV adaptations were great fun as kids. How I miss those days…
I’d especially like it if they did it in the manga style of the opening sequence, as I think they did for most of Secrets of the Furious Five - a spin-off that’s already out.