According to Total Film Wolverine will have multiple secret endings depending on what print you watch… :shock:


I’m guessing they’re post credit scenes but its still pretty cool.

The reviews for Wolverine have started going online. Empire gave it 2 stars and the other reviews I’ve seen haven’t been much better:


Sounds like the film’s not as cool as the idea for the ending. :frowning:

The idea for the ending is not cool. It’s half-arsed.

Shows that they should go with plots, rather than money-making spin-offs.

That said, if you’re a studio, then a money-maker has to be better than a great film that does little at the box office.

Two stars worth of The Jackman and Taylor Kitsch. I can see why empire didn’t like it, but it’s worth seeing on the big screen once.

The idea for the ending really is pants. Without giving anything away, it was like they edited the scene out of the film on the grounds that it was a bit unimportant and rather obvious, and it accidentally got put in the credits. :?

I just saw it. Its not awful but the plot didn’t really work for me and its never really any better than allright.

[size=9]Plus the final scene wasn’t worth the anticipation.[/size]

Ah, that’s weird - I saw it yesterday and was pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

Ok, so i’ll admit that i hadn’t gone in there expecting much by way of a film with a decent plot, but I thought that they did it rather well and left one of the key points concealed for quite a long time well…

I’d deem it a 3* effort, rather than the 2s that it seems to be getting in most circles :?

And for obvious reasons, the special effects and pseudo fight scenes are pretty damned good :smiley:

They obviously think it is good enough for a sequel, but this probably has more to do with the huge opening weekend it got!

That sounds pretty good. That sounds like it’s linked to the TV cartoons Lady Deathstrike thread, but probably not since they incorporated some of that in Wolverine:frowning:

I kind of agree that its probably better than most 2 star films but then I didn’t think it was as good as most 3 star films.

2 1/2 stars from me.

Looks like the spinoff is going to get a spinoff too. :?