Would a studio remake Star Wars if they could?

A few of us were discussing earlier whether Star Wars was too good for studios to dare to remake it. While I felt a studio would love to I’ve struggled to find examples of truely great films that have been remade. Suggestions so far:

-Seven Samurii (remade as the western The Magnificent Seven which is apparently itself going to be remade soon)
-The Big Sleep

Any other suggestions of films that have been / will be remade which were done pretty much perfectly the first time? (We were overlooking the big comic book franchises as they seem to recycle themselves almost continually).

One could of course go with Lord of the Rings given this, but I think that that would be hard to describe as ‘perfect’.

There’s a list of remakes here. Some notable names include:

*]12 Angry Men
*]Clash of the Titans (lol)

But have a very quick scan though, pick of the bunch would probably have to be The Italian Job.

There’s not much evidence of truly great films being remade, though (thankfully…).

A few more films to put into the argument:

*]Cape Fear
*]Rear Window
*]Get Carter
*]King Kong
*]The Omen
*]Night of the Living Dead
]Dawn of the Dead

As far as Cape Fear and Scarface go, I think that these days the remakes are more famous than the originals.

I think these were all pretty big / genre defining films although most have faded from public knowledge a bit with the passage of time.

Halloween was remade for no good reason.