WSC 30 years ago!

I have been sent some photos of the projectors, L3 and the proj box from 79-81. I don’t know whether I can post pictures on here! If I can how? Otherwise if anybody is interested let me know and I can send them to you.

Definitely interested here! :slight_smile:

you could make a gallery listing, available for crew…it’d be interesting to see them :slight_smile:

How do I make a gallery listing?

Go back to the website, click Gallery, and scroll to the bottom.

Thanks, I have put them all up now.

What’s the listing called?

Here’s a link to it:

I can see hot drinks :shock: in L3 :shock: :shock: :shock:
DMing standards have gone up, it would seem 8)
On the downside, their publicity certainly was more impressive than today :roll: . Talking of which, i don’t recognise the place, is it the bit where all the banks are?

The posters are in the Marketplace.