www.angryalien.com - Your favourite films compressed into 30 seconds. And acted out by bunnies. Personally I started with Die Hard…

I can’t believe that this thread has had 500 views but no comments… it’s friggin’ awesome :!:


maybe we should show it in allnighter.

That’s probably a great idea for the early morning, when people are probably too tired to concentrate on a film for more that 30 seconds…

This thread hasn’t been posted to in a long long time, so I thought i’d pull it back to the top of the list for all the newbies (and not so newbies!), and make a special mention of the Twilight one, since it does cover the entire thing in detail :!:


I think 30 seconds is a tad long for Twilight :wink:

this stuff is pure gold. I love office space on here.

This website is seriously awesome. Thank god I went on it after essays were due in…

The Grindhouse one’s good too :slight_smile: