You know you're surrounded by retards when

Someone refers to Public Enemies as ‘The Enemy Within’. :?

Or, my personal favourite, they say they’re watching that Johnny Depp film at the cinema tonight, Enemy of the State. :roll: :roll:

Funny really, when that film’s been out years and doesn’t star Johnny Depp.

Though one of was called Natalie Statham, which is what I’d be called if I married Jason Statham. :smiley:

[size=9](I’m starting to think I might be film-obsessed…)[/size]

I would be offended if he wasn’t so awesome.

Funny when it’s the name of a Star Trek episode that’s been out aaaaages (and the first Stargate too). They’re clearly watching too much telly.

on a star trek note, how about knowing someone who thinks ‘alienation’ is something to do with little green martians…

also, harvey keitel is 70. Seventy! How did that happen?!!