Another way to procrastinate!

I found this on the Empire website, it is far to addictive!

tis hard :? only managed to get two so far…(i should feel ashamed!)

This is worryingly addictive. I’ve got up to 27 but I’m stuck now.

Ed and I have got to 30. Anybody know what the plane ones are? We thought aviator and united 93.

It’s like an episode of ‘Catchphrase’ in a single frame.

I’ve got up to 29 now. The crashed plane is Crash.

I’ve managed 35 but am at quite a loss now (although I can add George’s Crash). Without giving it away, the plane in the sky is easy if you look at it closely. The clue is on the plane :wink:
Some of them are quite amusing. No doubt I shall return for more distraction later…

42! Yeah realised after posting it. We also tried snakes on a plane on the the crashed one. Ha!

Without telling us the answers has anyone got the woman shredding books or the cheerleaders?

No, those ones are really bugging me :?

All we need is:

the windmill
the blue flower
man shot dead
the falling brick
those weird instruments beneath ‘the matrix’
shredding lady

and another one.


Where’s the “man shot dead”? :?

I’m on 33 now.

next to the cheerleaders. he’s on the floor with a gun next to him.

Ah. I couldn’t work out what that was.

Pierre and I have got the woman but we’re stuck on the cheerleaders.

What’s the woman? How many you and Pierre on?

We’re also on 43. You should be able to get the woman: we’ve shown the film often enough.

Got it.