Autumn 2008 70mm

I’ve been doing some research, and since its been donkey’s years since we managed to get a DTS 70mm, I was focussing on that … my top suggestions:

  • Titanic (come on, who wouldn’t!) and everything that I have read suggests it is reguarly moving, and in not too bad nick.

  • Vertigo - Hitchcock classic, recently re-done in 70mm DTS, a quality film that hopefully won’t be too old.

  • It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world (not sure if that’s enough Mad’s) - again, cult-type film, recently re-released in 70mm DTS, scores a 7.2 on IMDB.

My searching has also revealed that there is a 70mm print of ‘Pink Floyd the Wall’ - not being a Pink Floyd fan, I’m guessing this is a filmed concert or something, but again might be popular with a certain audience. Sound might be a bit damaged though, which would render the whole things slightly pointless …

R x

I don’t think that the Pink Floyd film is a concert, I think it is a film based around the album The Wall.

I think that Vertigo might be a good choice though, less people might have seen it than Titanic.

I’d much prefer Vertigo to Titanic, and Hitchcock films tend to attract reasonable audiences.

The Wall is indeed based on and set to the 1979 Pink Floyd album. It stars Bob Geldof as Pink, a disillusioned rock star.

Oh dear. I didn’t mean The Wall as a serious option :stuck_out_tongue: It was mostly in there to please the Mac and Nick :stuck_out_tongue:

My top choice at the moment is Vertigo, but if its not this side of the globe, it’s worth considering other options. As far as Titanic is concerned, recent intakes will have been too young to see it at cinemas; which could be a draw in itself.

It might be worth Seb seeing what we can get first though …

I’d go with Titanic. I’d personnaly far rather see Vertigo but I suspect more people would come to Titanic.

Having said that we probably won’t have a choice with availibility and will end up showing Harold and Kumar 2 in all its 70mm glory.

[quote=“Beautiful_Creep”] As far as Titanic is concerned, recent intakes will have been too young to see it at cinemas; which could be a draw in itself.

I have yet to see Titanic (at all) myself. :oops:

If i remember to when i saw its a mad, ditto etc world, I thought it was quite good - however this was a LONG time ago (over 10 years)

I’d guess that Titanic and hitchcock would both be draw too

70mm DTS would be awesome to see (although after summer we’ll have new mag heads installed (i think this is the plan), so it’d be nice to play something on them too!) :smiley:

I (as much as it pains me to do so) agree with Rachel and George on the notion that Titanic would probably be a better option than Vertigo if we can get it.

That said, I know which of the two i’d rather see and it wouldn’t be Leo :!:

I’m almost ashamed to admit that I still haven’t seen the wall! :oops: But I do want to see it…

I was under the impression that Armageddon was also in 70mm DTS but I may be wrong on that one…

I don’t know whether Titanic is a particularly good choice - I still don’t think it will do that well and we’d have to line the proj box with sick bags. Although we could recreate the board saying ‘It sinks, he dies’ which, according to Andrew, was on display outside when we showed it the first time…

Oh, and of course there is ‘Blackadder, Back and Forth’ which was shown in 70mm DTS at the 'Dome…

I thought we had never shown a 70mm DTS film?

Also I thought we couldn’t show 70mm films longer than 2 hours? Titanic and it’s a mad mad world are over 3 hours. We struggle to get 6 reels made up on time, how will we manage 9-10?

I like the vertigo idea, though the 5.1 mix on the dvd is not very good, I’d rather watch it in the original mono.

My dream 70mm selections would be the Star wars trilogy (for obvious reasons) but we can’t get them or Lawrence of Arabia (it’s easily the greatest film FILMED in 70mm) but it’s near 4 hours long and the last time we showed it it only got 29 people (but that not much lower than the average 70mm attendence recently).

My realistic (well slightly more realistic) dream 70mm selections would be apocalyse now (the first ever film with 5.1 sound, 34th on imdb, channel 4 second best war film and number 1 film to see before you die) or alien (but since there was a 35mm rerelease a few yars ago it might be better in 35mm, possible midnight?).

If you want my unbiased opinion, I think we should show raiders of the lost ark, i know we showed it 2 years ago but it got 129 people more than double any 70mm film since. Also Indy 4’s release would likely increase interest in the film.

Raiders of the lost Ark will probably be pulled from distribution because of Indy 4 coming out. :frowning:


We might be ok by the time tat we go to show them, though you’d have to show all 4 of them (if you’re not just doing Indy 4) and i don’t know if we ould want to chop about one week on its’ own like that…

But we could do a triple event with all 3 indies followed by the fourth,

or do an I.T.V job and play one a week in the run up ??

Also given that P.s I love you did quite well (the best single show attendance) maybe we should also get something sappy like titanic or failing that adam and joe’s toytanic ?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I believe we have shown 70mm DTS before, just not for a long time.

There is no hard limit to the length of 70mm film we can show, although once you get above 10 reels we start to run out of our own 70mm spools. It is entirely possible to make up 9-10 reels of 70mm film, we just need the courier to deliver the film in good time and be organised enough not to leave them all until Saturday afternoon. A few years ago we showed the ten commandments which is nearly 4 hours long (and I recall that it was just Andrew and Tim who projected it).

If it is in 70mm, then I seriously doubt that Vertigo was originally mixed in mono. On that note I am not sure what you mean by Apocalypse now being ‘the first ever film with 5.1 sound’. There were 6-track 70mm soundtracks for a long time before Apocalypse now, but I guess it could be the first with split surrounds. Incidentally, the first ever film to feature multiple channels including stereo and surround speakers was Fantasia (1940) although release prints were mono.

I’m not sure that showing Indy in 70mm is a good idea - for a start the Indy films have been shown at least twice on terrestrial TV this year alone…

Any idea what film was showed in 70mm dts?

Vertigo was originally only released in 35mm (70mm blow-up were only just starting to be commonly used). In the mid 90’s the film was restored and rereleased in Dolby digital and dts on 35mm prints and some 70mm DTS prints were also made, which is why it was suggested we show it.

Pre-Apocalypse now all 35mm prints had no more than 4 channels (as far as I know) so couldn’t have 5.1 and all 70mm prints either had analog magnetic sound (L, CL, C, CR, R, S=6 channels) or analog magnetic: Dolby Stereo (L, C, R, S, Left sub, right sub=“4.2 channels” with dolby noise reduction). Apocalypse had Format 43 (L, C, R, LS, RS, sub=5.1 channels with dolby noise reduction).

Methinks this has drifted from suggestions for showing a 70mm to deliberations over specific prints!

Amongst a list of 70mm (from Bradford) that may or may not exist and may or may not be in playable condition, we have:
[list]Arachnophobia, My Fair Lady, Tron, Die Hard and the good old favourite that is Gremlins [/list] There are lots of others too, which will be discussed further at Exec, though Titanic isn’t on their list :-s

[size=24]DIE HARD!!![/size]