Autumn Term Schedule 2008

… is available on the website, or you can take the shortcut by clicking here.

Please give any thoughts/suggestions that you have had since the EPM. (Or, if you couldn’t make it, then any suggestions or thoughts whatsoever!)

… and there are several films that have been allocated to the AllNighter:

The Incredible Hulk, Wall. E, Se7en and Tropic Thunder.

I’m a bit concerned about the Oxford Murders on a double from reading the empire review.

2 stars and, perhaps more worryingly, “buried by its distributors”.

I was thinking about this last night, and Jeffry pointed out that Valkyrie has had it’s release date shoved back to 2009, and is therefore unlikely to be available for us … so how about moving the Oxford Murders to that thursday spot instead?

In terms of a replacement in that Sunday, I would plump for either Love in the Time of Cholera, or possibly Clone Wars, as that has to be a hit with the Star Wars/ Geek contingent? What happens in Vegas seems to be doing well, but I morally oppose putting an Aston Kucher on a double.

Do we have any more info on what has happened with booking/availability?

The Jackie Chan and Jet Li film “forbidden kingdom” finally got a release date in the UK according to imdb (wasn’t available for EPM). It will be released on 11 July. We should be able to get it. Possibly a double and definitely should be on the schedule. Don’t worry, it’s in English.

P.S. my 100th post, finally!

Looks good. Not sure about a double but it looks like a good film to replace anything that we can’t get.

P.S. Congratulations on your 100th post.

I also had a bit of a brainwave (thanks to seeing something in the arts centre) that we didn’t show/put 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days this term as were were asked/told not to by the arts centre.

I think that that should go on a midweek somewhere, as good European films tend to do pretty well, even when they are older.

Also, we are shamefully low on foreign films this term … we ought to try and show one or two …

Not so sure about 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days. It doesn’t feel like its had a really big buzz and I have a feeling it might do quite badly.

It rates 8.0 on IMDB!!! I have to admit, it looks pretty good to me, and just after my previous post, I have just checked on the schedule and can confirm we are showing absolutely NO foreign films at the moment, which is a pretty poor state of affairs.

The rating is based on nearly ten thousand votes as well. I think we should show it.

For anyone that’s thirst for blood, got an alternative suggestion called “Pathology”, it’s generally a group of medical students trying to commit the perfect murder. It is not suppose to be good, but students are unpredictable.

Pathology sounds interesting, but it would probably flop if we showed it.

I got a foreign films suggestion (sorry!).
This one is a Japanese film called “death notes”. It is based on a popular comic book. Death notes is a book that anyone got the name written there would die, and the cause of death would be as specified (no then that’s heart attack). The no 1 student in Japan picked up the notes and decide to kill all the criminals while the police is desperate to stop him. Even got CGI monster as gods of death. (the picture is not correct in the imdb profile, this is a live action, not anime) Potentially quite flopable.

That sounds pretty cool Jeffrey. The thing that sealed it for me was:

I know people will yell at me for suggesting this. But Step Up 2:The Streets is worth showing. It doesn’t have the highest rating ever on IMDB but it took more money than Spiderwick Chronicles and came 2nd at the box office in its 2nd week! It’s a laugh of a film and I’m sure it will attract an audience

I think the thing that worries me about things like Step Up 2 is that it may have taken a lot of money, but I think probably from an audience younger than the ones we deal with. I can see it being pretty popular with the mid-teens audience, but I’m not convinced that will translate to an audience at WSC … if that makes any sense!

RE: my own obsession with foreign films, there are two foreign films on the schedule, but both are horrors, and not likely to appeal to a general audience who have an interest in foreign films. Ideally I’d suppose we should show some sort of combination of European and Asian, since they will obviously appeal to different people.

George and I were thinking about the foreign one yesterday and so came up with a mini-list of:

4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days, I Served the King of England and Pan’s Labyrinth.

It’s also worth noting that Children of Glory is also foreign language :slight_smile: However, it’s not overly well covered on the internet, so may not be the biggest draw.

Pans Labyrinth again? Seems a little excessive! It was good, but I’m not sure its worthy of another screening …

It will be from two years ago, adds a different language into the mix and poses a good foreign language film that a lot of brits freshers won’t have seen, so should do really well…

…in addition to that, there is a bit of a chasm of much else to be showing!