Autumn Term Schedule 2008

I’m not sure pans labyrinth is gonna be the best thing to show right now, it’s an amazing film but i think has been on tv quite a lot recently so may be best to leave a little while longer for a better time to show it. I don’t really know anything about children of glory but there’s been a poster up outside the arts centre for quite a while now so there may be some interested people but i don’t know.

I also don’t think we should be showing pulp fiction again next term, we have what looks like a pretty good schedule at the moment without it and can save pulp fiction for when we really need to fill out a schedule. I think Hancock could have the pull for a double, it’s early days for it yet but it’s got Will Smith in it so that has to count for something!

Not worthy?!

I’m gonna stick to my guns on my opnion here i’m afraid… I can’t find it anywhere in past non sky listings other than on FilmFour.

I’m all for showing other things, if people have other thoughts on what we show, then that’s cool… but that’s thoughts on what we show rather than just not show!

I completely agree with Martin on this one. It’s one of those ones where ideally we’d wait and see how it goes, but is deffo worth thinking about.

We haven’t had it scheduled in for three years… the schedule as a whole is ok, it’s the doubles that look quite weak overall… the only blockbusters on there are The Dark Knight, Indy 4 and… hrmm…

I really think Pan’s Labyrinth would be a good showing as the freshers will have heard of it but won’t have seen and it still has quite a buzz about it even though its a few years old. It also ties in nicely with The Orphanage which is produced by Guillermo del Toro. To be pragmatic as well I think you’ll struggle to find alternative foreign films that would get a similar audience.

I’d agree with Hancock being a potential double although its hard to tell this early on.

I also think Pulp Fiction should definitely be on there and as a double at that. I think the schedule is actually quite weak as although the midweeks are allright, I don’t think a lot of the double screenings are going to have big audiences (to clarify I don’t think that these problems are of our making, there just aren’t that many really big films this summer). Pulp Fiction hasn’t been shown properly for a couple of years and has always done well. Its timed as well so that we can push it to the freshers. I think its easier to sell a big classic to them then than a so so film from a few months ago.

[size=9]funny games.

pulp fiction should totally be shown because we need to get the first years in early so they know who and where wsc is and that its worth coming to. Everyone wants to see this film on the big screen with the cinema atmosphere, and anyone who has not seen it will be dragged by housemates as a bonding thing. There are many good films, but nobody would critisize us for putting on too much Tarantino. Also, Fight Club has not been shown in about 4 years, just a thought. Requiem for a dream, Fear and Loathing, Back to the Future, Bill and Ted, mean streets, all Tarantino films and many of his screenplays, we’re not short of fuck off films to show in terms to come.

Again, Funny Games - this came out really recently, it is a shot for shot remake of the Austrian version (same director) but this one is recent and has Tim Roth in it and is one to see in the cinema atmosphere, and it really should be on this terms schedule if we do show it. It was mentioned that it might be better to show it in its origional Austrian form but unless we need to fill out the subtitled films, I think seeing as it was origionally intended to be made in English, and Michael Pitt is absolutely haunting in it, we should show it in English

Nice (better) trailer

Hardcore trailer

wow, long post, sorry.[/size] :roll:

Plus Funny Games is likely to appeal to the movie-freaked minds of the student body !

Fight Club was scheduled for the summer term last year but we discovered that there were no playable prints in the country.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was shown in autumn 2005 and the attendance was 73.

Back to the Future was most recently shown as the mystery film in the summer AllNighter of 2005 and as a trilogy (in 70 mm) in 2003. It would be interesting to see how it performed as a single showing.

Tarantino films always do well, which is why Pulp Fiction deserves to be on the schedule. The successful Tarantino season in autumn 2004 comprised Reservoir Dogs (attendance 138), Natural Born Killers (59) and True Romance (111) on consecutive Tuesdays.

Of the Scorsese films we haven’t shown recently, I’d most like to see Raging Bull.

Fear and loathing was shown a couple of years ago and only got 29 people. It was a replacement though so probably didn’t get a huge amount of publicity.

I’d quite like to see Mean Streets and Raging Bull although I’m not sure they’d do very well. Whether a classic film does well or not seems to depend more on whether it appeals to students or not than how good it is. Godfather part 2 (imdb’s 3rd greatest film ever) only got 46 people going to it and Laurence of Arabia (imdb’s 32nd greatest film ever) had 29 people come to it. :frowning:

[size=9]:shock: My gosh, where do all these figures come from? I’d love to know if you even had to research them Mac, or if that’s all stored to memory from the Chief DMing days.

I’m not at all suprised that Fight Club does not have a playable print… It would almost be wrong to not tamper with any print of it that might cross our path.

Bill and Ted: 73 - thats good. Fear and Loathing: 29 - thats a joke! The rest, I know 2005 is recent, but that makes anyone who will have been there in at least their third and possibly final year. I’m amased that True Romance was more popular than Natural Born Killers.

I think Jeffrey might have a point with ‘Death Note’. Although it is ‘potentially quite flopable’, we do have a whole society dedicated to anime who will be familiar with the series and may want to see the film adaptation. It would help us with subtitled films for the schedule, and the fact that there’s a society there with our target audience means we have a bit of safety net and it would be easy to publicise.[/size]

Not sure about Death Note as I think the appeal to anyone outside the anime society would be quite poor (plus the anime society may have already shown it to their members).

Funny Games looks cool though.

[quote=“sarah”][size=9]:shock: My gosh, where do all these figures come from? I’d love to know if you even had to research them Mac, or if that’s all stored to memory from the Chief DMing days.

The Old Old Chief DM didn’t even have to write them on the forums. It was enough for him to think about them to imprint them telepathically on everyone.
And back on topic, Funny Games looks awesome :slight_smile:

I think we are getting a little bit too into the mainstream and a few limited release foreign films would be good for our image, as most agreed that we lack those in the schedule.
And this film is unlikely to be shown by the art centre. I’ll write the review if it gets picked. Also it is really popular in Japan which means that it represents the forefront of Japanese culture (imdb score is not too bad).
And here’s a good image that should draw students.

and more info on the franchise:

That picture is bad ass. Now I wanna really see it. How many “gods of death” are there? Is he the coolest?

Unfortunatly that’s only one appearing in the film, so that makes him the coolest. By the way, the film is crime-based with fantasy, so I dont’ think it limits itself to anime supporter.

There is a Spanish film, La Antena, which is black and white, mainly silent but it is Spanish when there is talking. It does look a bit odd, but Empire have given it 5 stars and their verdict was “unmissable”. Here is the review

It might appeal to a wider audience than just foreign language film fans and would up our number of foreign films.

I’m intrigued. It got 7.8 on IMDB and it does seem pretty strange/cool (always a great combo)

It seems such a bizarre film but looks awesome. I’d definitely want to see it, it brings back memories of the old classic black and white films, but with a completely surreal twist.

I’d definitely want to see it too (and deathnote), but I think there’s a slight chasm between what we’d like to see and what will draw crowds. :frowning:

I have to agree. Some of out shock bestsellers include P.S. I love you, which most people spent the run up to insulting. So our views at WSC don’t particularly coincide with that of the student body.

I think La Antena could do quite well and it should be fairly easy to do publicity for. I’m sure the Chief Editor could knock something together (maybe). Hey why don’t we ever put on publicity or reviews that it got 5 stars from Empire?

La Antena reminds me of a joke I heard not so long ago.

Would you like to share that joke or leave us in suspense?