Draft Summer 2023 Schedule

Hey Everyone, here is the first draft of the schedule for term 3. Nothing has been confirmed yet, so please suggest removing/adding whatever you want. There are also a bunch of empty slots so we have lots of room for suggestions. I also put a list of some of the more frequent suggestions I’ve received at the bottom.

Just a couple of notes:

  • Term 3 has a weird structure. Essentially weeks 1-3 are normal, weeks 4-8 have a single show on Friday and a double on Saturday and weeks 9-10 are normal.
  • Since the first half has a lot of new releases I am somewhat conflicted on what should and shouldn’t be a double
  • Not sure if we want a 70mm film this term(we didn’t last year) but definitely could put one if people want and are willing to proj it.
  • Some of the new releases I’m conflicted about as I’m not sure they’d do as well specifically Fast X and Evil Dead Rise.
  • I recognise there’s not a lot of 35mm on there rn but I think once the older films are added it will even out.
  • As always, we want as many opinions and thoughts as possible on the schedule, you can have your voice heard by coming to the Programming Meeting on Saturday (4th February) in B2.02 at 2pm, commenting on this thread or emailing me at filmsofficer@warwick.film

love the super rare 353mm print of 10 things, very pog :slight_smile:

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i am once again praying for lebowski to be shown - ill also add id love to see punch drunk love, beau travail, or being john malkovich have a shot at making the schedule. will try to make it to the prog meeting!


It’d definitely get projected, but it’s probs rather a lot of money for like 3 people in term 3 right?

I’d put money on nobody coming to this (F8 got 14 people) and I don’t imagine anybody crew is dying for it to be on

All of Dougs’ list should be available :eyes:

Gonna have to convert the projectors smh, 70mm is bad enough

HIII i got an email from a baby publicity member :slight_smile: here are their suggestions on their behalf!!

Also, I have some ideas for possible movies next term:
• Ladybird (2017)
• The Edge of Seventeen (2016)
• I,Tonya (2017)
• Do we have access to Disney movies, an idea is a Disney Channel Original Movie Marathon with movies such as Camp Rock, Lemonade Mouth, Princess Protection Programme or Let it Shine
• High School Musical marathon showing all three movies.

(From Alayna, baby Publicity)


I don’t know how could the DnD film will do as a double (dnd films have a long history of being Incredibly Bad) but equally idk what we’d replace it with so that’s just food for thought. if its reviewing well maybe its breaking the curse of bad dnd films…


We can show High School Musical 3 and that’s basically it :sob:
(none of the others got a theatrical release in the UK; I’m not sure (m)any of them even came out on Blu-ray here)

Damn I can actually have requests now since I resigned.

Being John malkovich and Videodrome pls

Also forgot to mention all my other requests!

  • Akira
  • Oldboy
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind
  • Paddington
  • Big Hero 6
  • A Clockwork Orange

Thanks for the schedule! Just a few notes:

  • I was thinking that maybe Marcell The Shell shouldn’t be the double in Week 1? I don’t see much anyone talking about the movie at the moment even though it’s been highly-rated and is A24, so I think it would fit better into one of the single-film showings in Week 1. As for a replacement, I was maybe thinking Puss in Boots or Cocaine Bear? (less sure about Cocaine Bear, but M3gan has been a success so who knows)
  • As for film suggestions, I was wondering if we can fit in Broker (2022) by Hirokazu Kore-eda ? This is a wild stab in the dark, really, as I see that our first 4 weeks are pretty stuffed with new releases. As a South Korean film by a prominent Japanese filmmaker I think it would be cool (and I definitely want to see it, but no bias ofc)
  • To what extent are we able to show prequels to upcoming movies? e.g. knowing that the new Indiana Jones film is coming out, I’m assuming there’s things involved meaning we can’t show it but I was wondering if this could be clarified.

Bourne identity, supremacy, ultimatum.

I’m a terrible judge of stuff like this so take with a whole fistful of Maldon’s finest, but this was one of my first thoughts.

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Yeah, I agree, probably not worth it.

Yeah generally when a new release in a series comes out the previous ones get embargoed(i think it’s usually a couple of months before) but it also depends on the studios. If you have a specific request I can always email them to ask about it.

Yeah, I sort of agree, mostly just put it there on a hunch. Personally, I don’t think Cocaine bear could hold up as well as a double. I love Puss in Boots so would be more inclined to go with that instead?


I would definitely vouch for Puss in Boots being a double!

Also, as for other film suggestions that haven’t been said:

  • WALL-E
  • Goodfellas
  • The Mummy (Brendan Fraser)
  • Titanic
  • The Dark Knight

Had a suggestion if it has a UK release date - horror film called ‘Skinamarink’. Looks terrifying!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Could be in 70mm if we end up doing 70mm.

Could it?

Some great suggestions here already but I’ll comment a few of my own (entirely from my letterboxd watchlist):

Eyes Wide Shut
Blue Velvet
Cinema Paradiso
The Graduate
In Bruges

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big hero 6 >>> lego batman, that is all.

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have we considered, paint?