Draft Summer 2023 Schedule

I think Shazam 2 and Ant Man should deffo stay on the schedule, but maybe not double worthy if we can find something better.

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i firmly back keeping ant-man on the schedule (think it’s important that we show that kind of new release that everyone’s heard of), but i support a single screening if we’re worried about audiences – maybe either cocaine bear or marcel the shell (controversial opinion? but I’ve heard a fair bit about it, and it’s quite a short film so might be good in a double slot for that reason) to swap into that week 1 saturday.

also seeing all these extra suggestions and having googled the films we have as friday single screenings, wondering if any of those would be replaceable? I’m not overly clued in to the Film Hype (get most of my info from other cinemas’ programming) but I’ve not heard much about any of them, so maybe one of those could free up space for things like broker/rye lane. dungeons and dragons has already been floated as one which might bomb, and i do think those fridays have a potential to do really well for the mid-exam-rewind crowds so it would be a shame to write any off if we have alternatives.

i also still back blue jean :pleading_face: but I understand there may be valid reasons why this is a terrible idea!


Currently looks like Before Midnight is on Sunday Week 4, but I think it should be moved mid-week because Before Midnight is really there for all the people who’ve seen the past two films and are less likely to be at uni on a Sunday

I suspect it costs large amounts but I wonder how something like Redirection would do (Coldplay concert)

Agree about Blue Jean, looks like a really good British indie that has been received very well and, more importantly, is girlboss.
As an idea: personally am not sure about Brick, have heard it will cost a lot (?) and am not sure it’s worth it in that spot. I think Edge of Seventeen could replace it for nicer weekend vibes, and then Blue Jean would have a more appropriate weekday slot?
Or something else of course - apropos of nothing I also would mega-back Rye Lane!


To back up what I posted on Slack a while back, the 35mm print of All Quiet On The Western Front is doing a mini UK tour and I think it’s be cute to get on that if the print is still knocking around by next term. Tbh I reckon we should still show it regardless even if it’s digitally.