Just seen the Dark Knight!

…well, the first six minutes… it’s 'kin A :!:

Why the first 6 minutes?

Ed’s bought the Blu-ray version and they’ve put the first six mins on there - just like they did at IMAX screenings of I Am Legend

The best opening sequence EVER!!! I can see why it’s at number one in the IMDB top 250 with over 100,000 votes.

By that logic I’ve seen it well over 20 times, either in bootleg quality 7 months ago, good quality a month ago or blu ray quality a few weeks ago.

I actually saw it (you know when you see all 152 minutes of the film) 6 hours ago. Better than begins, I’ll be seeing it again either sunday or monday.

How come all you people are seeing it before it comes out :?: :!:

Oh my god that film is awesome, isn’t it :?: :!:

According to Ed, it was only “alright”. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Hmm… but the same fellow said Wanted was “really good”.

The Joker definitely was a better class of criminal and The Dark Knight is the best action movie ever. It makes Die Hard look like a teen movie.

You do want to be stapled up against the wall, right?

George has left the country so I’m perfectly safe. Also I’m his chief editor and hence I’m allowed to say stuff like that :smiley: .

1 He WILL be back!

2 No you’re not. Death by stapler doth swiftly approach. And its name be George.

I quite like the film. I would say it is definitely worth seeing.

It is an amazing film, I loved it!

Damn all of you Britons! It is not released until 13th August in France!!!
And Wall-E will only be there 30th July! :x

An excellent film, although not worthy of the IMDb top 50 (sic) in my opinion.

Did you not see the bit where Christian Bale actually turned into a bat :?: THere are rumours that people giving it less than 10/10 saw screenings where this was omitted :frowning:

Very droll.

Really though James, given that the Dark Knight is the highly anticipated follow-up to Batman Bagins, which currently floats in at around (actually, not around… after checking, the asnwer is currently “exactly”) 100th… you don’t think that in relation to that which was by no means viewed as over-hyped) this film deserves a top 50 place? I personally am not sure if it deserves top spot… but i’ll happily take it in my top 10 and probably top 5… i hope to see it again some time very very soon :slight_smile:

For example (and I only saw this a couple of weeks ago and the comparison is perfect, as second film…) I greatly prefer this “second” Batman take when compared with The Empire Strikes Back.

I hate to say this but The Mac is wrong :!: Definitely worthy of a top fifty spot. Oh and Rob, The Dark Knight is sexual at the IMAX. The scene where Harvey Dent is being transported and all hell breaks loose is INSANE.