Long dead franchises

We’ve had Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Superman, Die Hard, Rambo, Rocky, The Pink Panther, St. Trinians and Terminator all return from the dead (with Carry on films and the Highlander soon to follow). What film franchise would you like / not like to see return?

I would not like to see Police Academy - it was bad enough the first time round!

The one that would be awesome if they could do it properly would be The Godfather. That said, i’d also be happy to see another Austin Powers, or another Ghostbusters. Unfortunately though, each of these went out on a low, which is presumerably what brought about their demises!

Oh, and you forgot Batman!

Bugger. I even thought about Batman just before writing the post.

I agree, I’d like to see another Godfather and a Ghostbuster film provided they were done well. Another film in the “The Dollars Trilogy” would be cool too although obviously Sergio Leone wouldn’t be able to direct anymore which I suppose would just make it another Clint Eastwood western.

Here’s one that won’t be coming back:


(Dirty Harry if you don’t want to click on the link)

What about Beverly Hills Cop?

“We’re not gonna fall for the banana in the tail pipe”

“…The happy happy train, happy trai…waaaah!”

Following on from robs post, how about more naked guns - they’d be awesome…although they’d have to have leslie neilson in them otherwise it’d be awful…is he even still alive? :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s still alive and still making film. He was in Scary Movie 3 & 4 and he is going to be in Superhero Movie.

And another franchise is back. Beverley Hills Cop 4 in 2010.


Who want’s to see a film with Eddy Murphy ?? He bumped uglies with scary spice and then denied it !!

James suggested to me earlier that Death Wish would be a franchise that wouldn’t return as Charles Bronsan passed away in 2003. Well, he was wrong:


I stand corrected, and I am now of the opinion that any long-dead franchise might be resurrected if a studio thought it would be profitable.

Not a long dead franchise (unless you count the animated film) but there’s good (assuming you’re like me :!:slight_smile: news in that there’s a new transformers film in the offing!

I love good news stories like this one :!:

I’ve mentioned this to some of you, but I’ll state here that there will not be a fourth sequel to Psycho.

Now watch out for Psycho V sometime next decade.

How about Back to the Future?

Not a film franchise but there is goign to be a Smurf movie. :?


[quote=“George”]Not a film franchise but there is goign to be a Smurf movie. :?


If it had been Belgian/French-made, it might have been good. But I’m afraid the Shrek creators will ruin this treasured part of our childhood :frowning:

Looks like we can add Scream to the list. Scream 4 (and by the looks of it Screams 5, 6, …) are coming:


This post has reminded me of the hills have eyes and the hills have eyes II.

Actually, that got me thinknig and there’s also the brilliantly named, yet truely not so great:

I know what you did last summer
I still know what you did last summer
I’ll always know what you did last summer

In some ways it’s be worth another one of those to see how they extended the nomenclature!

Speaking of which:

I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer

A great film for horror/cricket enthusiasts.

… okay maybe not great.

ooh, ooh… i’d heard about that one (presumerably from empire) and thought it sounded rubbish, but upon seeing the trailer, it doesn’t seem all too far from a cricketing version of black sheep :!: :smiley:

Admittedly, you probably have to get cricket to want to see it, which does rule out the vast majority of filmsoc, but i’m still quite keen… anyone else think it’s worth a screening (albeit on a computer monitor!) sometime?