Pierre beats Winskill in

… 24 posts time!

But not according to Pierre’s signature!

Why thank you! 23 now! And look at my new avatar!

That’s one hell of an avatar, Pierre.

Thanks! I sort of messed up the staple halfway through… couldn’t be bothered to change it.
I think I’ll make others in that series.

Cool Avatar. Do I get a commission?

I’ll give that avatar to you as soon as another Robbie avatar is made. I sort of picture Robbie as Indiana Jones! Alternatively, I could do the 1000 tons falling on JM from the first comic - but that might be a bit violent!

Violent perhaps, but worth it… definitely! You could also do the one where Robbie saves the day by being projected!

You’ve got to do the one with the 1000 tons falling on the Mac. That would be excellent. Besides it wasn’t too violent as the Mac wasn’t even injured. He was just slowed down a bit.

The Mac is done, and my avatar has been duly changed.

Makes me think we do need a first aid kit… :stuck_out_tongue:

What first aid kit contains an anti-squashing-by-one-ton-weights bandage in it?

We should create one.

Defying general laws of physics and biology in the process? Awesome!

The Old Old Chief DM wouldn’t be afraid of defying said laws. The Old Old Chief DM was the law.

But the old old cheif DM appears to have been squashed by a one ton weight!

As you rightly put it… appears…

Aaaahhhhhh I see!

I like the way that the old old chief dm had a mouthful of tomato juice - just to create the illusion of death!

Even though the Old Old Chief DM is always prepared to fake death, he had chocolate syrup, not tomato juice. It was then artfully re-colourised.