Seasons Greetings

…just wanted to say that the snow effect is awesome :slight_smile: And the Christmas presents in the left menu plus holly across the top - nicely done :slight_smile:

Seconded. It was a nice surprise when I opened my favourite page :wink:

Thirded. It looks excellent.

Fourthed, although that isn’t a word.

In that case i’ll challenge it… thus your post is worth no points :lol:

Lovely ! Squeals with Christmas Delight :slight_smile:

I like the “stop snowing” bit.

EVIL Jeffrey !! 8)

I love it too. It is so confusing looking at the xmassy colours but I love it! Brilliant job Tim x

Tim can you Christmas-Up my computer please?

There’s nothing that boy can’t do with a mouse ! :oops:

I’d like to see him solve world poverty with a mouse.

if he gave everyone on the planet a mouse, then world poverty would be solved… but that’s not then “a” mouse, is it? :frowning:

Well if Tim told HIS mouse to go to all the OTHER mice and give themselves up to every person in the world than he woul have solved it with A mouse!

This thread has become a bit weird…

I agree with George. And how does giving everyone a mouse solve poverty? : S

And Helen, you do realise at most of us were talking about Tim, don’ t you? Or at least me and Tom Hill were. I wouldn’t dare to speak for Will.

Is Matt gonna solve world poverty when he takes it over? Or is there a story where he brags there’s nothing that he can’t do with a mouse? :shock:

Unfortunately, neither of them is the old chief DM, thus the claim of solving everything with mice is purely controversal for them.

Ah I knew I wrote Matt somewhere I shouldn’t have! I meant Tim the whole time but got myself confuzzled :frowning:

never mind eh… ordering all those clothes does give one a fair old headache due to the size of the spreadsheet! 8)

they could have a competition and we could watch !! :wink: