Spider-man 4

Bad news for Spider-man 4 Sam Raimi and Toby Maguire have both left and Sony are planning a reboot instead. I gather Raimi left because Sony wouldn’t let him choose the villain he wanted (the last time they did this they forced him to include Venom in Spider-man 3 which didn’t exactly turn out well). Looks like Sony have shot themselves in the foot to be honest.

Urgh, bloody Sony. I was looking forward to Malkovich as Vulture.
I hate all these recent ‘reboots’. Why can’t studios either leave well enough alone, or just carry on producing sequels?
And Zac Efron as Spidey? Please god, no!

Owen, I’m gonna lend you 17 Again (probably against your will). You’ll absolutely hate it, but you’ll see that Efron is a pretty perfect version of what he is. He might be an alright spidey. He’s just typecast as the all-singing all-dancing crap of the world.

And venom rocked! It was the sandman that was a bit pants. He was way too soppy. They just needed to collect him in lots of jam jars and then worst case senario is an army of lurpack man sized grizzlies trapped in glass. Mail them to art attack, death by decoupage. Venom was a real heartless problem explained with science and stuff. If art attack can’t solve the problem, it’s a problem.

I think it is quite good that they won’t be carrying on with this version of Spiderman, I dread to think what they would have made of the 4th one after the disaster of the 3rd one! I do think it would have been good to see John Malkovich as Vulture though!

As for doing a reboot, doesn’t that just sound like “we need to think of a way to make more money” how can you have a reboot only a few years after the last one? I think we all still remember how Spiderman became Spiderman and don’t need reminding just yet.

And Sarah was that you admitting that you own 17 Again on DVD?

While I wouldn’t want to see another Spiderman 3, I would have liked to have seen what Raimi could do with Spiderman 4 without studio interference. I guess the writing was always on the wall though when it became clear Sony really hadn’t learned any lessons from 3.

I don’t really mind the concept of Venom (and wasn’t a big fan of the Sandman) but forcing Raimi to include him when he really didn’t want to was always going to end in tears. If Raimi had been left to do what he wanted then I expect the Sandman and the Vulture (I think those were who Raimi was pushing for) would have worked far better.

[size=9]Also I’m not sure Venom can really be explained with science. The “aggressive cells” were even sillier than Dr. Octavius’s discovery that all we needed to achieve fusion are robotic tentacles.[/size]

Just to clarify things:
Spidey 3 was teh awesome. Better than the previous two. Proof? They mocked the French :smiley:
Now, a reboot seems a bit premature. I’d much rather have a Spidey 4, but the big question is - is there much of Peter Parker left to explore? [size=5](Aside from his secret desires for Harry Osborn?)[/size]

[quote=“Mathendacil”]Just to clarify things:
Spidey 3 was teh awesome. Better than the previous two. [/quote]

One word: Puggy.

I think this is the real issue here, isn’t it? It was more than fair enough to go into the whole being bitten thing in the original film (2001) but to go through that again within a decade seems a pretty big waste of time to me and I really don’t think that the audiences would be bothered seeing it. The same would be true of Batman, as they both become the hero with a significant turning point. Only Superman (ie: Smallville) has a pre-superhero-worthy storyline, though surely that’s now been done to death too?

[quote=“Mathendacil”]They mocked the French :smiley:

The second I reached that questions mark, I [size=18]knew[/size] this would come next :!: :lol: :lol:

Yeah but how about The Hulk? (I can see a rom-com there :P) The Fantastic Four?
More seriously, there’s material for Hancock (and for Jumpers though they don’t really qualify as superheroes [size=4](what, I’m allowed to enjoy seeing Jamie Bell, aren’t I?)[/size])
and for Dr Horrible - how much would I love to see that on the big screen!

Puntastic news! Robert Webb, director of (500) Days of Summer has been confirmed as Spidey’s new spinner.
It’s presumed that because the reboot will take Peter Parker back to high school, that Webb won’t be able to use (500) Days lead Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which is a damn shame as I can actually imagine him being a pretty decent replacement for Tobey Maguire.

Marc Webb. Though it would be cool to see spider-man through peep show format. :lol:

Haha, oops :lol: I guess that was just some wish fulfilment on my part!

imagines Peter Parker as a younger version of Mark Corrigan, awkwardly trying to pull Big Suze as MJ<

Lol :!:

green goblin flies in on a crack frizby

Looks like this little douchebag is favourite for the title part.

:shock: He’s just a baby! A wee bambino! They’re gonna do the same thing to him as they did to Jacob in twilight and make him look all… inflatable. I think it should come under the umbrella of child abuse when they do that to little boys before they even have chest hair. Why are their mothers not stopping this?!


Who? Why? WTF?

My enthusiasm for the next film is somehow still going down when it was almost non-existent in the first place…

Bloody Efron! If he is in the cast someone has to pull a crazy stunt like jump off a building and leave a note saying I was ‘inspired by Efron’. It must be done.

Empire has got a list of actors who have been meeting with the studio about the role:


Still not inspired by any of them. Josh Hutcherson is even younger than Logan Lerman (they’re both several years younger than Daniel Radcliffe :shock).

Looks like they’ve made their choice: