Summer Term Suggestions!

Howdi all!

Ok, so I know that this a bit on the early side for most of you to be thinking about the summer term - most of you aren’t even back yet from your Christmas hols, but time sleeps for no filmsoc and we need to start thinking about what we’ll be showing in the summer term!

I’ve opened up a new suggestions page, so please vote on that at:

I doubt that there’ll be much of a need for forums use for the next eek or two, but will keep you all updated on that once a provisional schedule starts to take place :slight_smile:

Maybe not the place to ask here, but are we having a full summer term or is L3 being refurbished for some of it? It does have an influence on the number of non-blockbustery films we can show!

We don’t know for certain how much time will be lost yet, though if you don’t make a suggestion, it can’t be considered by others :!:

Hey peeps - thanks for all of the suggestions thus far (keep them coming!)

I thought that this might be a good time to start thinking about what we’ll be targetting as potential doubles. Unfortunately we haven’t yet heard any more from the university regarding the refurb, so I can’t say how many we’ll films we need in total, or as doubles, but at the moment, my (ordered by double preference - mainly using the voting pages) list would be:

Alice in Wonderland
Up in the Air
Paranormal Activity
Shutter Island
The Lovely Bones
Green Zone
It’s Complicated
Did You Hear About the Morgans?
Clash of the Titans
An Education
Where the Wild Things Are

Thoughts anyone?

Hot Fuzz would be awesome and would make some money…

It did sell out/near sell out when first shown.
But I’m not sure it’s as much a money-maker as The Dark Knight (if we could have that again itd be quite good :slight_smile: )

Also not sure whether Where the wild things are would make a good double. Still, the odds of that happening given your list are quite low.

The Box would be a good double, methinks. Considering we didn’t show it this term and there’s a fairly sizeable curiosity effect…

Do we really need to put old films in?? I’m sure with the refurb we’ll have plenty of choice for doubles… :?

I think I agree with Gaby about old films. Rob’s list of doubles looks really strong. Plus any classics we add into the schedule will mean losing a newer film. With a reduced schedule we may well end up losing some good new films even before we add any classics.

700 votes so far on the suggestions voting page :!:

Please keep them coming!

I was also impressed when I saw that. (I was responsible for the 700th vote, by the way.)

I’ve just realised that The Book of Eli wasn’t down at all :-/

Have added it to the suggestions page now :slight_smile:

I thought there was good reason for that :stuck_out_tongue: I think it looks rather naff, in spite of Denzel and Gary. Shame, really; such potential.

I do, however, like the sound of Brothers which is reviewed in the latest Empire. You can never have too many war films…!

800 up now… keep them coming peeps, keep them coming…

You might also want to go back and see if there are any suggested films on there now that weren’t the last time you visited :!:

I must say I’m surprised at how few votes Invictus got.
(Yes, I’m sneaky, so what? At least I haven’t suggested the Doctor Who movie. Yet. :P)

Somehow, Disney’s latest animation The Princess and the Frog had somehow escaped being suggested. I’ve put right to that now :slight_smile:

Based upon last night’s Golden Globe Awards, I’ve added the following films to the voting pages:

[list]The Last Station (McAvoy, Mirren, Plummer and Giamatti)[/list][list]Precious[/list][list]The Blind Side (not likely to do great admittedly, but Sandra Bullock won the best actress globe and is being tipped for other awards too[/list]
Keep an eye out for any other (future) releases that have been missed :!:

Hey all,

Ok, so I’m starting to think about putting together the schedule from the votes that have been cast, in addition to having to work under the constraint that WSC will only have access to L3 for weeks 1-5 of the summer term - from that point onwards there will be the L3 refurb going on, preventing us from doing anything :frowning:

That taken into consideration, along with the votes, here’s what I was thinking along the lines of running a full schedule for five weeks, with doubles on Fridays and Sundays, normal singles Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and a mixture of midnighters and 7.30pms on Saturdays.

Apologies for the formatting here, i know it’s not the best :frowning:

Week 1
Sun: Up
Tues: Zombieland
Wed: St Trinians 2
Thur: An Education
Fri: Paranormal Activity
Sat(Midnight): The Box

Week 2
Sun: Nine
Tues: Where the Wild Things Are
Wed: Ponyo [s]
Thur: Did You Hear About the Morgans?
Fri: Daybreakers
Sat(7.30pm): Shaun of the Dead

Week 3
Sun: It’s Complicated
Tues: The Book of Eli
Wed: The Road
Thur: The White Ribbon [s]
Fri: Up in the Air
Sat(Midnight): Wolfman

Week 4
Sun: Invictus
Tues: Departures [s]
Wed: Brothers
Thur: Valentine’s Day
Fri: The Lovely Bones
Sat:(7.30pm) Hot Fuzz

Week 5
Sun: Shutter Island
Tues: The Crazies
Wed: From Paris with Love
Thur: Legion
Fri: Alice in Wonderland
Sat(Midnight): Exam

And for those who want it in the usual format, here it is:

It’s still subject to as many changes and suggestions as people make though - it’s only a draft :!:

Please don’t just criticise it though - if you’ve got an issue with a film or an idea then please state why and what you’d do instead :!:

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s quite apocalyptic/horror-heavy.
I’d consider more thoughtful stuff like ‘Nowhere Boy’ (9 votes) and/or ‘The Boys are Back’ (5 votes) in place of ‘Legion’ (5 votes) or ‘The Crazies’ (4 votes), for example.

Also: 1000th vote :smiley:

It is exam term Owen :!: Point(s) duly noted though :slight_smile:

Yankee Alpha Yankee :!: :!: :!: