Summer Term Suggestions!

I don’t think the Box is a good Midnighter…
I haven’t seen it yet but it looks to me like the sort of psychologicalvfilm that requires you to think a bit, rather than the usual gore/horror/thriller we get for midnight. Shaun of the Dead seems more appropriate for Midnight - as most people know it and seeing it inebriated will not stop them enjoying it (not that we’d want to encourage going to filmsoc whilst inebriated, except for qualifications :P)
I also think it’s a bit too much to have both Shaun of the Dead and Hot fuzz (especially before the third film of the Cornetto trilogy is released) but that’s an entirely different matter!


Do you mean the customers to cause problems for the attempting to qualify DM, or do you mean the DM so as to not punch the DMs making his poor life a misery?

I shall interpret it to be the latter, and attend my qualification having consumed alcohol.


To be fair I think that’s partly because Hollywood is going through a bit of an apocalypse phase at the moment. The trailers before the Road were almost entirely upcoming apocalypse films.

Sunday is sounding more and more entertaining. :slight_smile:


Sunday is sounding more and more entertaining. :)[/quote]

It certainly does sound like it’s going to be full of promise, doesn’t it?!

And Ed’s the second course [size=4](for the QDMs to devour! Mwahahahaha!)[/size]

Okies, well, putting together some of the suggestions above, I have made a few adjustments, highlighted in orange (for films that have moved) and green (new entries) below:

Still all up for debate though prior to next week’s Programming meeting - discuss at will peeps :!:

For reference, the films that have dropped off the previous version are:

St Trinians 2
The Crazies
From Paris with Love

These will obviously be prime replacement candidates, along with Precious and anything else that people suggest/recommend :slight_smile:

I liiiiiikeeeee :smiley:

In particular, I like the additions of Nowhere Boy and Chicago (getting majorly excited about that just because of the ‘Cellblock Tango’!!!) :slight_smile:

Looks good. Not sure about the Road on the double though. Maybe Book of Eli (currently the highest selling film of the year for some reason) or Ponyo?

Or (though this might be a little late) - The Edge of Darkness

Ok…it didn’t get many votes :? I’d say it’s better than Paranormal Activity, though (but I haven’t seen either so not a very informed decision…)

I’m afraid the lack of votes (i was the person who originally proposed it!) has cost the edge of darkness :frowning:

Also, the UK box office business: almost £10m makes it a pretty safe bet - it’s also quite studenty, though we’ll have to wait and see :!:

I agree on the ‘The Road’, but it was moved to promote some discussion. personally, I’d rather go with ‘It’s Complicated’ or ‘Book of Eli’ as the double… what do other people think :?:

Indeed I’d switch The Road and Book of Eli.

Other than that, looking neato Robbo :slight_smile:

I’d forgotten about Edge of Darkness. The lack of votes could be because it only came out today and the publicity for it has only just been gearing up. Personally I’d like to see it on there but I guess it wouldn’t be the end of the world either way.

Paranormal Activity should do well I think. It got a hell of a lot of publicity in the news and good reviews to go with it. It even knocked New Moon off the top spot in the UK box office. I’d also agree with Rob that it looks like the sort of film that would do well with a student audience.

Yeah, the other way of looking at this is to view it as our having the potential to show an extremely strong autumn schedule in the autumn term - we’ve already had to defer films like Green Zone, Remember Me and Robin Hood, so it’s going to be looking pretty strong :slight_smile:

Ok, so another minor tweak enforced already, due to Ponyo’s release date being pushed back. This leaves us (solely rotating some of the foreign language films) with:

Liking the schedule,
I’ve heard some good things about the road, but I think that A Prophet has almost got the potential to do well on a double. (If the trailers are out I’ll give them a watch when I get to a computer.)

Although it might be a good film critically, it’s only got 5 votes on the suggestions page so there doesn’t seem to be much demand for it… Certainly not enough to warrant a double.
That said, Book of Eli only has 6 votes… but much larger box-office takings. A Problem.

[quote=“AlexW”]Liking the schedule,
I’ve heard some good things about the road, but I think that A Prophet has almost got the potential to do well on a double. (If the trailers are out I’ll give them a watch when I get to a computer.)[/quote]

It does look good but I can’t see it doing hugely well on a double as I doubt most people will have heard of it (I hadn’t until you posted about it).

It got a really favourable feature article in Sight and Sound this month and they expect it to do better than Coco.
I’d only chance it on a double if getting a trailer was a certainty. :smiley:

I had heard about “A Prophet”. A friend goes on and on about it, saying how cool it is.

Unfortunately that’s the sort of thing we don’t find out until long after the schedule has been booked.

I’m now going to throw a small spanner into the works in so far as to say that i believe that It’s Complicated (or worse, Did You Hear About the Morgans?) would be better on a double than The Road. I’d potentially swap Up in the Air to the Friday slot, since we’ve established that it doesn’t seem to matter whether that’s Fri or Sun :!:

Also, since I’m extremely comfortable with week 1 of the Schedule (mainly because it consists of the oldest (aside from the ‘classics’) releeases, and seems well balanced :smiley: