Terminator 4 Teaser Trailer


Apparently going to be shown before The Dark Knight. Christian Bale looks bad-ass :!: :!:

The trailler does look quite cool. However, after Terminator 3 (and since the director doesn’t even have a proper name) I’m reserving judgement on it until I’ve seen more.

It has Christian Bale. How can it not be good? This guy could take orange peel; wrap it in cling film and sell it for £17 million pounds. He is like a hardcore version of Christopher Walken i.e. anything he touches turns to gold (ignoring Balls of Fury, although the line “I’m gonna save the panda!” is still hilarious).

Was that by any chance a Zoolander-inspired line Aiden?? ; )

Well, since you ask, it was inspired by several things:

Maury Ballstein from Zoolander, who said “Mugatu is so hot right now he could take a crap, wrap it in tinfoil, put a couple fish hooks on it and sell it to Queen Elizabeth as earrings.”

The crap part was replaced with orange peel since whilst I was typing in the corner of my eye I saw some orange peel that had just escaped the bin.

The tinfoil was replaced with cling film since whilst I love the shininess of tinfoil, it’s too loud (there is a very boring story behind this but I’ll spare you the details).

Finally, the QE as earring bit was replaced with the £17 million figure since I had recently watched an episode of top gear (don’t watch it that often but someone said it was a good episode – which it was) where Jeremy Clarkson was talking about this painting selling for £17.2 million (apparently you can buy 115 Alfa Romeo 8Cs for that amount of money (a very sexy looking machine)).

There you go. I hope that answered you’re question. I’m kinda concerned how much thought actually went into that. Then again it explains why I talk so fast since so much random crap goes on in my head.

Indeed. Wow that was almost as confusing/complicated as that time you tried to explain Pushing Daisies!

But thanks for that :smiley:

This is awsome:


They’ve released a full length trailer now:

Looks good. :slight_smile:

but arnie’s not in it… :frowning: you can;t have a terminator film without arnieeeeee…

But Arnie’s really getting too old for it now. Is his body supposed to age like humans so he can be more convincing?

Love your avatar, by the way. :smiley:


But Arnie’s really getting too old for it now. Is his body supposed to age like humans so he can be more convincing?

Love your avatar, by the way. :D[/quote]

good thinking!!! i hadn;t thought about him ageing :roll: and thank you :slight_smile: a lot of time went into finding the perfect avatar… :smiley:

He can run around with a chainsaw… :roll:


He can run around with a chainsaw… :roll:[/quote]

naaahhh, that’d still be good… :lol:

Wow! :shock:


The best trailer ever!

[quote=“Aiden”]Wow! :shock:


The best trailer ever![/quote]

Which Trailer? 1, 2 or 3?

Thanks for the link Aiden. If it’s as good as it looks it’s going to be amazing! :smiley:

Which? The new one! The 4 minute clip but it is actually a trailer.

There’s a different clip featuring a harvester here.

I’m getting pretty excited by all that - looks like it could rival the proper terminator films :smiley:

I have to admit though that i was initially confuzzled by you saying harvester clip, and the ling going through to pizza hut :!:


Slightly off topic but Fox have apparently axed the Terminator TV series:


Seems a bit surprising really as you’d have thought that it would do well after the new film. :?