The Doctor Who thread

Considering how many people on here watch [size=9]and at least three are a bit geeky about[/size] the show, I thought a thread might be a good idea…
So, what did you think of yesterday’s? It was quite good wasn’t it? And it got over 7m viewers overnight!
Now I think that calls for a Doctor Who Movie on the schedule :roll:

[size=5]For anyone who might wonder, yes, I have tons of work to do, and I need to procrastinate at least a bit.[/size]

I really enjoyed it although I had to watch it on iplayer as I was away and my dvd recorder recorded the wrong channel. :x

What about the BBC3 repeat??? Did you miss that too? And you call yourself a fan? :roll:

The repeat is some time over the weekend isn’t it? I didn’t get back until about 2am on Monday. I gather there is some sort of repeat on Friday but that was almost a week away!

Pierre do write so small my eyes cannae see the what ye wrote.

I thought it was a very good 2-parter. Much better than some of the shows earlier offerings this season.

Although I will be disappointed if David tennant goes. There will be 4 specials after this series.

I don’t know about a doctor Who movie as the two I am aware of were a bit pants and discredited as being non-cannon. That was the 2001 with whichever of the McCann brothers and one which was set in 60s and was really piss poor.

Still if they make a proper Doctor who Movie with the T.V cast I suppose most people would watch it. Just no more Daleks, lets see some new foes !!

The 1996 TV Movie is considered cannon and is not half bad.
The two movies with the Daleks were actually American remakes of two (excellent) First Doctor stories (the Daleks/mutants/title is not really definite and the Dalek Invasion of Earth). And I’ve not seen those two yet.

I have to disagree with you about the 1996 movie. I thought it was a bit rubbish and not very Doctor Whoy.

The 60s movies were pretty bad too. The original tv stories were really good but for the films they were then compressed into 90mins and made far sillier.

You’re not missing much. The story was honed down so that every word was plot integral, then to make up for this two minutes of mucking about was added with plates on a conveyor belt. :cry:

Still the last two episodes have been pretty awesome. More like that, please!

Look at me quote, Pierre! :smiley:

[size=7](George made me post this so that the Doctor Who thread would be more popular than the Star Trek technical manuals.)[/size]

Well done. Kudos for that! :wink:

[quote=“the no longer queen of the contest”]
(George made me post this so that the Doctor Who thread would be more popular than the Star Trek technical manuals.)[/quote]

And I say - what a worthy cause! Tomorrow’s episode looks awesome, I don’t know if you’ve read the article about it in Doctor Who Magazine… but if it’s scarier than Blink then wow!

Talking about DWM… The comic is really really awesome so far!

Tonight’s episode does look good. Didn’t know it was supposed to be scarier than Blink. :o

You’re all soft ! Doctor Who isn’t scary !! 8)

So can be! It nearly raised my heartbeat. Very few things can do that.

ohh ohh ohh information overload !! I’ll save 'em till I see ya Nat x x

Wow wow wow wow I’ve just watched episode 12 it was amazing!!! No wonder it got an AI of 91… Sadly, I can’t enjoy the week of speculation that followed on the Doctor Who forums (what with episode 13 having been broadcast) so I’m using this instead!
I reckon Torchwood’s going to get out of there alive - I mean, seriously, they can’t start TW series 3 with only Jack as the surviving regular! Mind you, it’s only going to be 5 episodes long…
Ah and the Doctor regenerating… Well. Given the fact that regenerations into different doctors are different (the Master’s only looked that way to make it clear, but then he’s not the Doctor) David Tennant is going to regenerate into himself. Well. One can but hope!
Now, I wonder how Sarah Jane is going to get saved…
Ah well! Let’s wait until 5 minutes’ time to see!
Oh, one quick question - wasn’t Mr Smith supposed to be evil (as in The Lost Boy)? And where are Mickey, Jackie, K9, Pete and the others?

I think Mr Smith was made good again by the end of the series. Can’t remember how though.

Ah well. I guess we just have to watch them again eh? :smiley:

I think that the final episode answered those questions quite nicely for you :slight_smile:

Unfortunately (and this may just be stoking up further conversation on these threads!) I really didn’t like the double-header that ended the series. I didn’t like Turn Left either. As has been said, I seem to prefer episodes in which the enemy is invisible, with the Silence in the Library double and Midnight being my highlights for the series… and yes, i know that you could see the shadows, but that’s not the point, is it :?: :!:

Doctor Who has always been good at monsterising things from the everyday life - the statues from Blink being another example.
I quite enjoyed the finale, and really enjoyed Turn Left; however, there is a point tobe made about Russel T Davies’ episodes. The script editing is usually very very good, with more than decent characterisation - and honestly, Donna was awesome in Turn Left, but he’s not that great at giving a story a strong backbone. All his stories, with the possible exception of series 1’s finale, seem to simply be themes and ideas thrown together to allow for certain character scenes, like Utopia did with the Master, but they don’t care about, well, if there’s a big reset button or about why the thing actually works.
Mind, that kind of thinking works in episodes that don’t actually want to be much, like Gridlock or Midnight, but for something that is supposed to be big, the plot is quite weak.
The Stolen Earth was good insofar as the pacing was right and it was building up towards a climax, not trying to explain the why and how of, say, Davros. But it sort of let us down in Journey’s End (despite great character moments).

I enjoyed the finale although perhaps not as much as some of the previous stories (such as Silence in the Library and Turn Left). I thought the companion “death” was a bit of cop out again (I know Donna’s story was really quite tragic but I want death dammit). Also the beach scene with Rose at the end didn’t really feel like it was done right either.

Having said that the pacing was good (which is something I sometimes have a problem with in Russel T Davies’ episodes) and despite having a ridiculously large cast didn’t seem to rushed. I thought Davros was brilliant too. :slight_smile:

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