The Doctor Who thread

It’s “would you like” but yes, please :wink:

I definitely agree with these sentiments… the final bits and pieces for both Rose and Donna seemed a bit dodge… Rose’s was at least sensible given her interaction in the plot, though reference could have been made the the Series 1 episode Father’s Day. And Donna… well, no more of the annoying Catherine Tate-isms that plagued her, in spite of some really good performances in other aspects.

I still think Rose should have got killed off. It would have avoided the awkward beach scene, resolved the reference to her “dieing in battle” in series 2 and been somewhat unexpected.

Maybe I’m just a heartless bastard though…

perhaps :roll:

But Rob, if you’re a Time Lord, can you not donate George your second heart, if George does feel that heartless? Remember, Organ donation - it’s the gift of life.

If i had everlasting life capability, i don’t think i’d be too willing to give it up i’m afraid. And as it is, i’m that version of the doctor with just the one heart, so i’m afraid that giving it up is out of the question :frowning:

Yeah. But I don’t mind George being a heartless bastard this one time. :smiley: We all want Rose to die. Or we’re indifferent to her dying.

I don’t want rose to die… just to alter her eyebrows :lol:

Of all the things wrong with her, you focussed on her eyebrows? :? What’s even wrong with them?

They’re a different colour to her hair… she’s like alistair darling!

And her lisp. Don’t forget her lisp!

Oh. And… 3 pages. Take that, Star Trek! :stuck_out_tongue:

And the fact that she wants to… yeah she wants to…

According to this the “four specials” from the “gap year” include this year’s Christmas special. It’s one plus three then! :frowning:

Not all written by Russel T. Davies though. :slight_smile:

Yeah. Mind, the other two might just be the result of a collaboration between RTD and Helen Raynor :shock: so it might not be good news…

I’d be supprised if it wasn’t with Moffat as part of the hand over though.

Indeed, the more written by Steven Moffat, the better :!: I don’t mind Russel T Davies, and am glad that he brought Doctor Who back, but i’m not that big of a fan of his episodes… they’re just too OTT :?

too OTT?
Ah well, I love Gridlock and Midnight personally, so I’m not going to say I dislike RTD’s episodes!

Oh i love midnight, but some of his episodes are OTT… like the series finale double-header… for example :-p there’s no way that that can be deemed anything other than excessive, is there :?: :!: