The Hobbit

It looks like everyone’s finally come around to the viewpoint that there’s an awful lot of moeny to be made out of a further two films in the hobbitses franchise, and though no figures are given, the dispute between the tolkiens and new line have been resolved :slight_smile:

After it looked like this film might get going and we might see it this century, apparantly not, after waiting this long it better be a good film!


A bit inevitable after the news that Bond was being put on hold. If MGM are not careful they’re going to screw up their two biggest franchises (and a lot of the associated value for their business).

Agreed :frowning:

It’s weird though - you’d have thought that a couple of guaranteed big sellers is exactly the sort of thing they’d want to go with, even if it required big commitment up-front :?

I guess they just don’t have the money. It does look fairly terminal for MGM though if they can’t even afford to make big money making films.

More bad news on the Hobbit:


Two pieces of good news on this never-ending story of MGM’s woes:

i) The films are go after a deal was struck between Warner and MGM over the funding. What’s more is that Peter Jackson is signed up to direct both parts!

ii) Martin Freeman’s one of the favourites to land the role of Bilbo. Not so sure what I think of that, but any forward looking, positive news on this project is definitely a good thing!

However, Freeman’s been reported to turn down The Hobbit

I think the telegraph’s article predates the latest set of rumours. I sounds like its supposed to all depend on where Hobbit filming falls with respect to the Sherlock filming schedule. Hard to tell what’s true and what’s just been made up though.

[size=]Maybe we might get Ian Holm back yet.[/size] :slight_smile:

It’s official, Martin Freeman has been cast as Bilbo.

And as the only person that Peter Jackson ever considered for the role too!

Seems like it’s all systems go for the Hobbit, but the main question is - where will middle-earth be?

According to this BBC article (, whilst the Unions have ended their protests over pay, there’s still a chance that Warner Bros. will move the film away from the kiwis.

Got to love the way that they’re protesting in the streets to get the films back - a bit worrying that it’s going as high as their Prime Minister meeting the WB executives though. I appreciate that there are huge benefits for NZ in the showcasing of the country that The Hobbit would bring, it’s still not really the place for politicians to be meddling in the filming location of a film:!:

Sylvester McCoy is reported to have landed a role too.

And it’s all systems go in Middle Earth!

Well… New Zealand!

And Leonard Nimoy may be in it!!! EXCITING

A further update, though this one’s more for the techies :slight_smile:

48 frames per second! Well we’ll certainly need a digital projector for that! (Unless we want to sup-up our projector motors…)

Despite many rumours, Saoirse Ronan has confirmed that she will not play an elf in The Hobbit. Seems a shame; she could certainly look the part.

But, a certain QI-master is going to be involved!!!

And the latest TV Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Dirty, dirty girls love him.