The Night Owl thread

*(*NB: Not to be confused with Nite Owl)

Why howdi varmints…

I was thinking… since there’s so many of us who do such obscure hours (George and Natalie, The Mac, Sarah, Owen etc.), we should have a thread where we can all chat away the evening :slight_smile:

So i’ll begin by quite peculiarly stating that i’m going to bed :!:

We should establish some ground rules; say, posting is only allowed between 2 am and 6 am (in the poster’s time zone).

ground rules? let’s not confuse insomnia with being nocturnal. Insomnia is right round the clock. And it’s nice to see other people’s paw prints upon arrival. It doesn’t stop the 2 in the morning congregation.

Perhaps The Night Owl Thread would be a more appropriate title.

Ooooooh the Mac is breaking his own rules!!!

It hasn’t quite reached the true night owl time yet, but I’m actually feeling a wee bit drowsy (controversial, yes).

Whilst this thread is awesome and I feel special to be part of such a monumental movement, it really does little to help my over-holiday plan of readjusting my body clock! Heh.

Also, the clocks change this weekend will surely wreak havoc upon night owl activities? How can we combat this lost hour?! I suggest punching clocks instead of changing them. But then, that’s my solution to everything…

Owen, owen owen… jumping the gun a smidge there! Not quite like the mac or the one known merely as monsiuer P, but jumping the gun nonetheless!

Anyone been up to anything good recently? I went and saw Andy Parson’s at the Arts Centre on Sunday - was pretty damned good :slight_smile:

I’m playing poker with friends tomorrow, so that should be fun.

At the moment I’m watching New Zealand v. India. It’s been an entertaining day’s play so far.

The clocks change soon? That’s not good. that means getting up earlier doesn’t it. That can never be good. Violence against clocks is not the answer - Dali melted them over stuff (not literally) but then you could get rid of this anger without resorting to non-destructive means.

That’s the dude from mock the week isn’t it. He’s much nicer than franky. He looks pocket sized on tv.

I’ve been decorating. Not proper decorating, just putting up stuff from my first year that I seem to have gone 5 terms without unpacking - I don’t know how I’ve managed this long. I’m wondering how to get fairy lights past my electricity conscious housemate when he goes in my room without asking. I don’t think I can. :frowning:

yeah, they go forward by an hour next sunday (30th) morning, presumeraby from 1 to 2. On the up side, this means we’ll be able to post on the night owls thread earlier on! lol!

As our theme song, we could adopt Night Owl by Gerry Rafferty, who is best known for the hit single Baker Street and as part of Stealers Wheel (Stuck in the Middle with You). The lyrics are available here.

We’ll also have to stop posting earlier, and we won’t be tired yet! A theme song would be awesome, we’d be like, a proper thing. like happy days. but at night. and not always properly night - if the birds are twitering, is it still night?

Although it may not be night for the birds, it may still be night for humans.

Hmmm… a theme song - i like it :!:

I am a bit curious though as to the fact that el Georgio hasn’t posted yet! Even if he is on the other side of the planet, I still expect him to be staying up really late at night!

I’m sure he’s extremely busy (playing ping pong) or has very limited internet access. :smiley: Funnily enough, I have just been watching Balls of Fury. Sadly, it’s not as funny as I remember, though I wasn’t giving it my full attention…

Unlike High School Musical, which I was sadly disappointed by. It’s no High School Musical 3. :frowning: Maybe I should watch Madagascar 2. Sequels can surpass earlier films in the series!

And it’s really weird reading lyrics to a song I’ve never heard… I can’t imagine the tune.

You can listen to Night Owl here.

I’m back in England now and getting back to my usual sleep paterns. :slight_smile: I had to be up early for the conference so staying up late didn’t seem like a great idea (plus I had to use the slowest computer in the country to access the internet :x ).

I like the thread by the way.

How was the conference?

I was wondering - which film would you pick as your favourite for the night owl hours?

And which one to send you to sleep before then, if you really wanted an early night :?: :!:

Taxi Driver: its themes are perfectly suited to this time of night.

A nice, long film – not necessarily boring, just long. Since I’m in a DeNiro mood, I’ll pick The Deer Hunter.

What would you choose, Rob?