The Night Owl thread

The conference went well. Lots of science and lots of sun. 8)

I’d have to go for something short and actiony. Die Hard is obviously a tempting choice but the first bit is hard going when you’re half asleep. My choice at the moment would have to be [REC]. Its short (only 75 min) and the zombie attacks should keep you awake (plus its an excellent film).

There are lots of films I don’t like that would send me to sleep but if I went for one I did like (and actually owned so that I could watch it) it’d be the Assassination of Jesse James. Its a good film but it is very long and has quite a sedate pace.

you can sleep after deerhunter? It takes an hour to get started, so that bit’s okay, but after that… you can sleep after deerhunter?!?

After I last watched it, I retired and slept quite happily.

Now, i’m going to dare to be quite controversial here, and this would not have been my decision two weeks ago, but subsequently to a house viewing in which nobody really thought the plot got going, i’m going to pick The Untouchables as my one to send me to sleep :frowning:

For keeping me awake, I too was considering Die Hard, though am going to go along similar lines as George in not picking that and going for something a bit more violent. As such, I think i’m going to pick Saw. It’s violent, it’s quite clever and it’s short. Even when you know what’s coming, there’s a certain sense of uneasyness about watching it and that keeps me awake :slight_smile: Or i could pick Saw II for the exact same reasons.

[size=7]NB: I’m one of those few people who really quite liked Saw II![/size]

I like it as well. I was worried when I first read the post because I thought the exclamation mark was a Roman numeral. I’m not sure I could forgive anyone for liking Saw III.

I think The Untouchables is overrated, but it’s still a good film.

[size=9]My fall asleep film has to be Mean Girls. I’ve seen it so many times that I know all the words and where ever you fall asleep will give you nice, sugarcoated dreams. It’s kind of like a grown-up bedtime story.

I’m watching a film on 4 which has what looks like home-made cue dots.

The Orphanage threw my sleep patterns right off. Whilst it’s on, it keeps you on edge, but it’s what happens afterwards that means you won’t sleep. I generally don’t get frghtened by films but this one is an exception. It just leads to black clouds. You people dragged me to see it! Although it keeps me awake, I generally limit films in the nightowl hours to candyfloss films like stardust and 2 weeks notice so that at least I feel like I’m trying to sleep. I have to say, now that deerhunter has been raised, that’s got some fairly horrible mental cages in it too. You’ve got to have a lot of self control to sleep after that.[/size]

I love it when they’re on tv - almost as awesome as buying a dvd which has Aurora on it :!:

For those willing to bee amused, see this :smiley:

That reminds of the THX parody in ‘The Simpsons’.

That was awesome! Can we get one?

Is it sad that we have favourite sound trailers and buzz off TV cue dots? When I catch myself counting reels and fixing my eyes in the corner for the second set, a part of me thinks that I’m like… a sad trainspotter. Anyone else get that?

Indeed, i think that most of us do. You know you’re watching a great film when you’re so encapsulated by it that you don’t notice the cue dots. Unfortunately, the last film that i felt like that in, was Taken. As such, it was a pity that it was a proj qualification!

Yeah? That’s the definition of a good film - you don’t notice the changeovers. I think it’s more if you’re awake all the way through, that’s good going. There should be some sort of rule on proj qualifications. It should be good enough to stay awake, but not good enough to care about the fact that you are deffinitely ruining it for the greater good.

I’m gonna pick Go. It’s a great multi-strand of black comedy, drug-fuelled problems and ingenius stupidity.
I notice that WSC have never shown it, which is utterly disgraceful. It’s such an ideal film for us! So, er, Autumn AllNighter?? :lol:

Not so sure on this one. Possibly The Truman Show. Just lulls me into a nice sense of all-turns-out-well. And Burbank even wishes me goodnight at the end!
Haven’t seen this in a while actually; may well give it a watch!

Also, speaking of nite owls, there’s an annoying one cawing away on the streetlight opposite my window right now. Not hooting - that’d be rather pleasant in comparison. And cawing’s not even quite right either. It’s just a really horrible, scratchy noise beyond any word’s description. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time he’s been sat there either…

British Summer Time is here!

An hour less sleep. :frowning:

Plus I’ve got to be up early anyway to see the Grand Prix.

woohooo i made it up late enough to be a night owl :slight_smile:

For anyone looking to potentially waste hours on end:
has a ton of various flash quizzes including lots of movie ones.
Fun times of sleep-procrastination.

Just the home-page makes my brain hurt.

[quote=“OPR”]For anyone looking to potentially waste hours on end:
has a ton of various flash quizzes including lots of movie ones.
Fun times of sleep-procrastination.[/quote]

A truly deadly post :?

I’ve been visiting Sporcle daily for the past five months.

daily, or nightly?