The Night Owl thread

The party in my house (not my house party) has just finished. I can get some sleep at last.

House next door to mine has it’s burgler alarm going off - joy o’joys :frowning:

For those who work, three of the next four weeks are four-day weeks.

It’s now one of those months without an “r” in the name.

Only a month or so until the longest day of the year… How did that creep up on us already?!

And it gets light so early. I’d have no problem with putting the clocks forward another hour.

It’s been a very wet bank holiday weekend so far.

And week to follow!

This studying for exams malarkey isn’t good for my sleep pattern :frowning:

I’m reviving the thread for Murray versus Djokovic: 1-1 in the first set.

It’s nearly time for the mystery film…

Airplane! is always a pleasure.

This is the place for miscellaneous discourse between 2am and 6am. Any other times are just too civilized for this thread.

Anyone getting AllNighter ‘practice’?

The old night owl thread has been resurrected!

Obligatory Oscar post. Who else is here?

Not watching it but had to finish an assignment. How is it going?

Me, but supposedly the topic is now closed and replies aren’t allowed… so we’re rule breakers :stuck_out_tongue: