The Night Owl thread

Damned snow is messing with my commuting plans!

The Real Ale Festival draws ever nearer.

The beer draws near…

Doors open in 16 hours…

What a night! Dr. Busker played for the best part of four hours.

Hail to the ail! First time I’ve posted on here for ages without my alarm having gone of first!

Whoop whoop!

I wonder how many people will be awake in L3 at this time on Saturday? More than on your typical Saturday morning, that’s for sure!

Might as well post here because I can. Dislike being up at this hour, but project work calls :confused:

Don’t get too disheartened; there’s the AllNighter to look forward to.

The mystery film is made up, certainly a good reason to herald my return to this thread. Tomorrow it will finish gracing our screen not long before night owl hours finish, based on the printed schedule.

And so has begun my last day on exec after three consecutive years…

I aught to reply as well, seeing as I left filmsoc at 02:10.

Technical stuff all sorted for tomorrow night. Let the fun and games begin :slight_smile:

Thank you, Ed and Rob (and anyone else who stayed late).

Morning all - rather depressing that I’ve started an AllNighter day at 5.30 in the morning, but there you go.

Just means I have to accept the inevitability of some sleep and misse films later on, but then I guess that’s part of the fun!

So, what about pizza?

I want pizza! :mrgreen:

We all want pizza! Our tech officer is being a little slow at ordering however… :smiley:

Now he’s confusing audience members :lol:

Such incompetence :wink:

I was very pleased when ordering my curry tonight: Raging Bull was on the TV in the takeaway.

Four awards to go…

A swift post before I go to bed.