The Night Owl thread

Morning all, how are we?

Oh, and where’s Johnny?!

Ugh, need more sleep please!!!

Compton in the nervous nineties - will he reach three figures in the last few minutes of the day?!

I’ve been up about half an hour - I’m the driver for the club members who want to go to RLSS UK National Speeds in Sheffield today…!

Crash happened. There cannot ever be enough Queen.

It was nice to experience ‘dark L3’ again, albeit with a red glow.

Dark L3? Did the emergency exit lights stop their glowingyness?!

Yes, they were all off.

Stuart Broad steps up to the plate with the ball (first time in a year or so that he’s contributed with leather or willow to be honest!) and qualifying is just five minutes away.

Add to that a certain grand slam/title clinching decider and this is a good day’s sport all round!

Ps: good morning all from my infrequent location of Coventry!

This thread is four years old today!

Happy birthday dear thread…

Hopefully brief stir in the middle of the night, before a trip to Alton Towers tomorrow; though it may yet be snowed off…

It’s a spring wonderland out there.

Ugh, this is too early to be leaving for work :frowning:

I hope everyone’s having a good Easter weekend.

I’ve finished cleaning the kitchen — a productive way to mark my return to Coventry.

Farewell, Roger Ebert, doyen of film critics.

Over a week since the previous posting - this thread is becoming positively ghost-town-esque…

…just like the rest if the forums.

Don’t you people have revision to procrastinate from?!?!?!

Early to bed; publicity to distribute in the morning.

Some mornings 5:15 is too early to go to work :frowning: