The Night Owl thread

And how was it?!

Disappointing, compared with the first two films in the so-called trilogy.

My bowling was rather disappointing this week too :frowning:

I’m off to Leeds, of all places, this morning.

Why’s that, then?

The trip didn’t happen in the end. (It wasn’t for the Sheffield Wednesday game, in case you were wondering.)

I have to be on campus in two-and-a-half hours. Is it worth going to bed?

It wasn’t: I couldn’t get to sleep.

Why had you needed to be on campus so early?

It was for a conference in Windermere. The organiser wanted to depart at 6.

A long but highly enjoyable day… Now if only I had something else to do in a couple of weeks’ time :wink:

Ray Dolby, RIP:

Where have all of the undergrads gone?

It’s been about 11 weeks of summer hols now and barely a peep from any of them.

Must all be tucked up in bed I guess - storing up energy for the term ahead!

The joys of returning to work with a nice and easy training day at a “nearby office”…

So long, British Summer Time.

The wonders of ashes cricket… Must pop over the cricket thread some time…

Fall asleep in front of the TV applying for jobs, wake up and spend another hour applying for jobs, then bed.

What’s happened to my life? :expressionless:

(Still better than cricket, though… :P)

I’ll admit that the cricket is tough going at present if you’re an England supporter.

It’s almost as if someone has turned the forums off :frowning:

Are the newbies not aware of them?

Or indeed the oldies?!